Company Profile

Our cycle of intervention


Guidance on investment strategy

  • Proposal on prospection phase
  • Support in opportunity research
  • Intermediation or representation
  • Audit and legal advice


Uguet provide decision tools

  • Feasibility studies
  • Partner research
  • Help to financial plan
  • Audit and legal advice


We add value to your projects

  • Tailored solutions for your needs
  • Estate Development

Conceive adapted buildings
Bring you our know-how from conception until realization, including financial and legal fields

Product Development

  • Bring you our know-how in specific products
  • Knowledge of final users and their needs
  • Design development by our specialists
  • Assistance in contract negotiations


Experts at your side

  • Execution and coordination of design process

Management of administration authorizations

  • Cost and schedule optimization

Budget compliance
Conformity to international quality and security standards

  • Sustainable innovation

Environmental project management
Innovative solutions for each type of climate
Return on investment and energy gains
Environmental friendly sites


Your projects to the end

  • Construction and project management

40 years of experience, among which 15 in international projects

  • Technical assistance

Qualified experts for any specific missions. (Support to promoters, supervising, contract management, logistics, technical Audit,…)

  • Our credo:

Quality, cost, deadlines and respect of sustainable environment